13 May 2015 The Fixer

The Fixer

Published in Private Edition 27:

PETER OBERAUER had no intention of repairing watches for a living. ‘When I was still a little boy, I went with my grandfather to get an alarm clock repaired by the local “watchmaker” in our village, Winzendorf. I was not impressed. Read More “The Fixer” »

5 Aug 2014 Romeo in the Ruck

Romeo in the Ruck

Published in Private Edition 24:

There are two kinds of rugby players: those whose job it is to maintain ball possession until their team scores and those who have to convert that effort into points. Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB) soloist Ivan Boonzaaier, now 24, was one of the former – a forward trained to hunt with his pack for prey (the ball). Read More “Romeo in the Ruck” »