23 Jul 2018 Constant fascination

Constant fascination

When I was just a little girl, my mother gave me my first watch for my birthday. I was perhaps 10 years old. My mother was not in the habit of making quick decisions, particularly when it came to investing in something to mark a special occasion. It was a classic design – round 20mm dial in a gold case, clear lettering perhaps larger than the norm for that size dial, on a black leather strap. My name was engraved on the case back. Beyond the early training that formed the basis for my dance passion and eventual part-time career, I believe the evening ritual of winding this manual beauty was the first habit I chose to learn. And I still have the watch.

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23 Mar 2017 Age of Discovery shines light into the gloom

Age of Discovery shines light into the gloom

Published in Financial Mail 23 March 2017

International business and academic leaders have praised Age of Discovery for its readability and vision, its challenge and inspiration. It’s an award winner, no doubt, that will engage readers from cover to cover. By highlighting the unprecedented opportunities that exist if humanity finds a way to weather today’s crises, authors Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna imagine what could very well be the New Renaissance with the intention to inspire hope and determination.
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