27 Feb 2019 The way they make me feel

The way they make me feel

Debbie Hathway discovers that the ingredients of a true spa experience lie as much in the intuition of the therapist as they do in the connection to place a retreat offers.

It feels like déjà vu – that sense of connection to a place and its people that draws you in and makes it impossible to leave. I’ve experienced it at the palace hotel Le Bristol Paris, where I hovered so long in the foyer after checkout that the manager came out to enquire what was wrong. Quite the contrary. It was about what was right.

Published in Issue 5 of Sail + Leisure

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14 Sep 2016 A SECRET LIFE


Published in Private Edition 33

Le Bristol Paris is all French luxury and refinement, but its history is as rich and intriguing as its guests…

THE WOMAN WEARING THE HAT with a small dog at the end of a leash could easily have been a dowager aunt out of a Brontë novel. They were waiting for the lift, which is fronted by an elaborate wrought-iron grille next to the great staircase inside Le Bristol Paris.
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