10 Oct 2016 Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards

Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards

Sometimes I try to remember LBW. That’s Life Before Wine. Not Leg Before Wicket. I only really developed an appreciation for it when I moved to the Cape in the winter of 2006. The temperatures were the kind of freezing I hadn’t experienced living in subtropical of Durban, where I’d spent 20 years of my life – and people seemed well-focused on saving their energy for drinking red wine in front of roaring fires. Read More “Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards” »

14 Sep 2016 Plotting the Course

Plotting the Course

Published in Private Edition 33

As a student, Walter Volpers could only dream about owning a luxury watch. Now he oversees their production.

WALTER VOLPERS FELL IN LOVE with haute horlogerie while studying industrial engineering in Basel. The subject of his affection was a watch he spotted in a Swiss jewellery boutique – an IWC Schaffhausen Mark XII, which he swore to own one day.
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14 Sep 2016 LEGACY


Published in Private Edition 33

SOUTHWEST OF FRANCE, between Paris and Bordeaux, is Cognac country. The region known as La Charente takes its name from the river that runs through it, a waterway some say was dubbed ‘the river of patience’ by 18th-century spirit traders. Patience is a quality referenced regularly here, whether you’re discussing the history of the region or the lengthier distillation process at the award-winning House of Bisquit, which sets it apart from other Cognac producers.
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