27 Feb 2019 The way they make me feel

The way they make me feel

Debbie Hathway discovers that the ingredients of a true spa experience lie as much in the intuition of the therapist as they do in the connection to place a retreat offers.

It feels like déjà vu – that sense of connection to a place and its people that draws you in and makes it impossible to leave. I’ve experienced it at the palace hotel Le Bristol Paris, where I hovered so long in the foyer after checkout that the manager came out to enquire what was wrong. Quite the contrary. It was about what was right.

Published in Issue 5 of Sail + Leisure

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23 Jul 2018 Constant fascination

Constant fascination

When I was just a little girl, my mother gave me my first watch for my birthday. I was perhaps 10 years old. My mother was not in the habit of making quick decisions, particularly when it came to investing in something to mark a special occasion. It was a classic design – round 20mm dial in a gold case, clear lettering perhaps larger than the norm for that size dial, on a black leather strap. My name was engraved on the case back. Beyond the early training that formed the basis for my dance passion and eventual part-time career, I believe the evening ritual of winding this manual beauty was the first habit I chose to learn. And I still have the watch.

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10 Oct 2016 Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards

Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards

Sometimes I try to remember LBW. That’s Life Before Wine. Not Leg Before Wicket. I only really developed an appreciation for it when I moved to the Cape in the winter of 2006. The temperatures were the kind of freezing I hadn’t experienced living in subtropical of Durban, where I’d spent 20 years of my life – and people seemed well-focused on saving their energy for drinking red wine in front of roaring fires. Read More “Experience the charm of Oldenburg Vineyards” »

14 Sep 2016 Plotting the Course

Plotting the Course

Published in Private Edition 33

As a student, Walter Volpers could only dream about owning a luxury watch. Now he oversees their production.

WALTER VOLPERS FELL IN LOVE with haute horlogerie while studying industrial engineering in Basel. The subject of his affection was a watch he spotted in a Swiss jewellery boutique – an IWC Schaffhausen Mark XII, which he swore to own one day.
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