3 Dec 2019 Playing in paradise

Playing in paradise

There’s something about working out in the elements that changes the experience entirely. Whether the occasion is road running, trailing, mountain biking, hiking or yoga, there’s little that can keep a dedicated fitness fanatic away from an event in nature. And when it’s on an island, well…

By Debbie Hathway

Published in Sail + Leisure Issue 9

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3 Oct 2019 Good vibrations

Good vibrations

Spring is the season of new beginnings.

“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story,” writes award-winning author Linda Hogan.

By Debbie Hathway

Published in Sawubona October 2019

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27 Feb 2019 The way they make me feel

The way they make me feel

Debbie Hathway discovers that the ingredients of a true spa experience lie as much in the intuition of the therapist as they do in the connection to place a retreat offers.

It feels like déjà vu – that sense of connection to a place and its people that draws you in and makes it impossible to leave. I’ve experienced it at the palace hotel Le Bristol Paris, where I hovered so long in the foyer after checkout that the manager came out to enquire what was wrong. Quite the contrary. It was about what was right.

Published in Issue 5 of Sail + Leisure

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23 Jul 2018 Constant fascination

Constant fascination

When I was just a little girl, my mother gave me my first watch for my birthday. I was perhaps 10 years old. My mother was not in the habit of making quick decisions, particularly when it came to investing in something to mark a special occasion. It was a classic design – round 20mm dial in a gold case, clear lettering perhaps larger than the norm for that size dial, on a black leather strap. My name was engraved on the case back. Beyond the early training that formed the basis for my dance passion and eventual part-time career, I believe the evening ritual of winding this manual beauty was the first habit I chose to learn. And I still have the watch.

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