Debbie Hathway

Image credit: Sam Pegg Photography

Debbie Hathway (N.Dip PR)
Having built a successful career in journalism, public relations, investor relations and publishing, I now enjoy the special lifestyle that comes with being my own boss. I concentrate on unpacking the luxury lifestyle from the places readers love to explore to the beautiful timepieces they collect and covet.

As a writer, my main focus areas are lifestyle, travel, business and the arts for corporate, agency and publishing clients.

I am lucky enough to indulge my true passion for dance in literature as well. You’ll find my byline in the Cape Times, Financial Mail and on’s Bizlounge entertainment website (I ranked fourth on their top 20 most-read contributors for 2014).

Interesting fact
The lineage of the family I married in to is believed to be linked to Anne Hathaway, wife of the famous writer William Shakespeare. When a British generation decided to ship out to ‘darkest Africa’ in the late nineteenth century, there was a dramatic family split. The brave explorers dropped an ‘a’ from the surname, and adopted the name ‘Hathway’ instead.


Writing is an art that requires creativity, patience, inspiration and passion. My strong public relations, investor relations, journalism and publishing background enables me to write about a variety of subjects for a range of platforms. I choose a flowing, accessible style to deliver engaging, well-researched writing.

Copy editing encompasses re-writing of existing copy, checking facts, writing headlines and captions as well as correcting grammar and spelling. Importantly, care should be taken to maintain the author’s ‘voice’ without changing the style so much that it becomes unrecognisable. I have extensive experience in the financial reporting, corporate communication, and consumer and customer publishing environments.

Proofreading demands a keen eye for detail: grammar and spelling, consistency of style and language, and even fact-checking should the need arise. It’s one of my favourite jobs!