Writing is an art that requires creativity, patience, inspiration and passion. My strong public relations, investor relations, journalism and publishing background enables me to write about a variety of subjects for a range of platforms. I choose a flowing, accessible style to deliver engaging, well-researched writing.

Debbie Hathway is a rare combination of writer and copy editor, which translates as a perfect brand ambassador who interviews and writes well, is aware of the importance of a deadline and delivers text that has had a very sharp eye on it. As an editor, this is gold. – Les Aupiais, editor: Private Edition magazine

‘At the annual SA Publication Forum’s award function in Gallagher Estate, Contact has been voted the “Best Newspaper 2009”… without your special contribution it would not be possible! I am truly blessed to have top-notch professionals like you with me in the trenches.’ – Aletta Kruger, editor: Contact, City of Cape Town

Copy Editing


Copy editing encompasses re-writing of existing copy, checking facts, writing headlines and captions as well as correcting grammar and spelling. Importantly, care should be taken to maintain the author’s ‘voice’ without changing the style so much that it becomes unrecognisable. I have extensive experience in the financial reporting, corporate communication, and consumer and customer publishing environments. I am currently the copy editor for Child Magazine.

In a very competitive environment, with deadlines and limited freelance opportunities, we could always rely on Debbie for making deadlines and producing perfect work, regardless of pressure or hectic timelines. – Marina Zietsman, managing editor: Hunter House Publishing


Proofreading demands a keen eye for detail: grammar and spelling, consistency of style and language, and even fact-checking should the need arise. It’s one of my favourite jobs!

‘You are the fastest Eagle Eye – nothing escapes you. Thanks!’ – Stephen Nicholenas, www.getweb.co.za